Things are CRAZY right now!

Events and venues are cancelled/closed including gyms! This doesn’t mean that you need to stop your workout regime!

Here are some apps and programs for your home workout needs:

– Nike Training Club (App):
Find it in your phone’s app store, it’s easily searchable and there are a bunch of workouts designed by personal trainers, including some that don’t require any equipment! Plus, this app is free!!

– Peloton Digital Membership (App):
Yes, THAT Peloton from THAT commercial. You don’t need a bike to find this app useful! Find it in your phone’s app store. It offers live workout classes in HIIT, yoga, running, strength, etc. Peloton is extending it’s free 30-day trial of the app to 90 days to help people cope with being at home! Nice, Peloton!!

– Aaptiv (App):
Find it in your phone’s app store. This app is for audio workouts, so, your trainer is in your ear versus on a screen. It offers strength training, HIIT, yoga and running. It has a 7 day free trial. After that it is $14.99/month or 99.99/year.

– Fitness Blender (YouTube Channel):
This YouTube Channel has almost 6 million subscribers and it’s ran by a hubby and wife. They have over 500 workouts with various lengths. The video titles will let you know whether or not you need equipment.

– Beachbody (YouTube Channel):
One of the most popular work out channels on YouTube. There are various instructors with various workouts varying in length and intensity.

I know that things are not easy right now. Keep moving and stay positive! We will get through this together!!


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