My favourite way to eat potatoes is VIA french fries! I think it could be argued that the golden arches has some of the best fries, too!

Golden. Crispy. Perfection. Now I am making myself hungry!

There is good news for anyone who needs to justify ordering some McDonald’s french fries – it’s for a good cause!
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surplus of potatoes and, because of that, Canadian farmers are struggling.

In an effort to support both Canadian farmers and COVID-19 relief efforts, McDonald’s Canada is launching the “Fries For Good” initiative.

From now until Thursday, May 21st, a portion of the proceeds from all fries sold will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross.

If you want to do your part and show your love for Canada while enjoying delicious fries, all you have to do is order some fries via McDelivery, or, visit your favourite McDonald’s drive-thru!

Join in on the fun with #FriesForGood

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