Following the 2020 GRAMMY awards and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, British GQ caught up with Billie Eilish and to talk about body issues, social media and more! Below is a breakdown of Billie’s interview with GQ.





“Look, if I wasn’t white I would probably be in ‘rap.’ Why? They just judge from what you look like and what they know. I think that is weird.  The world wants to put you into a box; I’ve had it my whole career. Just because I am a white teenage female I am pop. Where am I pop? What part of my music sounds like pop?”


That night, Billie and her brother/producer Finneas won five GRAMMY awards!


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“I have never felt desired. My past boyfriends never made me feel desired. None of them.  And it’s a big thing in my life that I have never been physically desired by somebody.  I dress as I don’t like to think of you guys — I mean anyone, everyone, judging it, or the size of it.  But that doesn’t mean that I won’t wake up one day and decide to wear a tank top, which I have done before.  My boobs are trending on Twitter. Which is fine — that s–t looks good.  Sometimes I dress like a boy. Sometimes I dress like a swaggy girl.  And sometimes I feel trapped by this persona that I have created, because sometimes I think people view me not as a woman. That tour video was about all that. It is me saying: ‘look, there is a body underneath these clothes and you don’t get to see it. Isn’t that a shame?'”




“All I ever wanted was a boyfriend.  Any time when it was rainy or cloudy, all I would wish is I was with some boy. That was my thing. Whenever we were somewhere nice, a beach or a balcony with a sunset, I would never be able to enjoy the experience as I just used to wish I was with some boy. And I couldn’t be further away from that. I’ve had my heart broken, sure. People have done some terrible s–t to me. The crazy s–t I have gone through. I have never felt powerful in a relationship.  I’m just not attracted to people anymore.”




“I almost killed myself because of Twitter a couple of years ago… Like, for real.  Even if I try to avoid it, which I do now, I end up seeing it, because those fans, who are actually defending me, repost and respond to the original criticism in their feed. I can’t win. I tried turning comments off on Instagram, but, you know, I feel equally as bad doing that.  I can’t shut myself off completely. Instagram puts comments by those you follow, my friends, at the top of your post, but if you go one comment too far, my whole world is destroyed. I try so hard not to read the hate…”


In an interview with BBC back in February, Billie was asked if she takes the time to read Instagram comments, “No.  I stopped like two days ago.  Literally two days ago.  I stopped reading comments fully because it was ruining my life, once again.”


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ima keep my mind on my money & my time

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“The thing I realized recently is this: when you get to a certain level of fame or notoriety, it doesn’t matter what you say or do, you are a certain level of known.  You will be super hated. And super loved. There are a million people who don’t like Beyoncé – and I don’t know how the hell you can’t love Beyoncé. Same with Rihanna. Same with Trump – people actually like that fool! How can you like this man? But everyone is hated and everyone is loved.”


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still here

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For Billie’s full interview, click here.


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