The Edmonton Oilers organization is mourning the loss of one of their players. Colby Cave passed away on April 11, 2020 after suffering a Hemorrhagic stroke. One Oilers prospect, Cooper Marody who doubles as a hockey player and a singer/song writer has written a song in honour of his friend and teammate.

The song is called “Agape”, The highest form of love. Selfless, sacrificial and unconditional love: persists no matter the circumstances. Colby’s wife, Emily expressed her love for the song on her social media platforms, adding that Cooper even added some of Colby’s wedding vows in the song. Colby and Emily were married for less then a year when Colby passed away.
The song is set to be released on Spotify and Apple music on June 12th with the proceeds going to the Colby Cave Memorial Fund. 

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I have received many messages about the word Agape. “The word that is the secret to marriage and indeed all relationships, is Agape. Agape is special kind of love. Agape, will get you through the ups and downs in a marriage. Agape listens. Agape heals. Agape gets up in the middle of the night when you’re sick. Agape goes on adventures together. Agape supports the others dreams. I pray that you’ll be so good to each other, that you can remind us all that this is real. Love is real. And we’re watching, we’re cheering you on, and it starts with a secret, and the secret is Agape.” Agape is the highest form of love, a selfless love. A love that I’m so grateful I got to experience with my best friend I hope and pray everyone can find a love like we shared. Getting to love Colb is the best thing I will ever do, ever. Forever I’m yours, forever I do ?

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