The time has come where we can go outside and enjoy the sun! Hooray! That being said how do you keep those little ones entertained in your backyard, a garden of course! Jason from Roe Roofing has some great family friendly plants to put in your backyard garden.

#1. Sunflower

Plant just one or two, and they will begin to sprout in one week, become a small seedling in two weeks, and should be 2? tall in a month. In eight weeks, the buds will flower revealing hundreds of seed kernels. These beautiful flowers will grow to be as tall as your little one and they will be delighted they can eat the seeds!


#2. Lettuce

Greens are a quick and reliable crop to give the child fast results, and also a good way to get your kids to eat salad. It tastes much better when you grow it. Lettuce likes part shade; keep soil moist especially during the first two weeks. Once those heads appear it’s eating time!


#3. Radishes

Radishes bring quick results for the young gardener, taking about 3-10 days to properly germinate and then about 20-30 days to grow, and then you can put them in those salads with the lettuce your grew. Nothing more satisfying then eating your hard work.


#4. Snow Peas

Snow peas are a quick-growing early crop, and the easiest snack you’ll ever make. Snow peas take 10 days to germinate and are ready in about 60 days. Snow peas are fun because the peas and the pod are edible.


#5. Strawberries

Who doesn’t love a fresh strawberry from the garden, the answer, no one. These are great plants to have in your backyard garden, just be careful to put something over them, as we are not the only ones who like tasty strawberries.



KiSS 91.7 wants to thank Jason, from Roe Roofing, for sharing these fun, indoor, family activities with us. Roe Roofing is a local, family-owned, roofing and exterior company which means they understand the value of family and spending quality time together. If you’re looking to get work done around the house this summer, make sure to give them a call at (780) 242-7877 or visit their website for more details!