Games are always fun to play, whether you’re young or old. And with summer in full swing, it doesn’t get much better than playing GIANT sized games in your backyard! Here’s some of Jasons, from Roe Roofing, favourite giant backyard games to play with the family during the summer.


#1. GIANT Tic Tac Toe

Yep, there is no better way to play a classic game then making it gigantic! Use a team of people or fun objects to be the X’s or O’s.



#2. GIANT Jenga

Take one from the bottom and put it on top becomes A LOT more intense when the pieces are 2x4s. Granted also a little scarier when it falls, so you’ll be much more careful about which block you pull.


#3. GIANT Snakes & Ladders

This game is SO fun but making it 10x bigger makes it a little more real when you’re climbing that ladder or going down that snake. Gotta get to that finish line.


#4. GIANT Connect 4

It’s a small amount of fun to beat someone on Connect 4 but make it bigger and it becomes a way more difficult and awesome experience with the family.


#5. GIANT Bowling

Take those little pins and heavy balls and make it GIANT. Set it up in your backyard and let the kids, friends, neighbors, and anyone who wants to take a go at getting all 5 giant pins down.


Use your imagination and you can make any game gigantic. It is much more fun when it’s bigger. KiSS 91.7 wants to thank Jason, from Roe Roofing, for sharing these fun, indoor, family activities with us. Roe Roofing is a local, family-owned, roofing, and exterior company which means they understand the value of family and spending quality time together. If you’re looking to get work done around the house this summer, make sure to give them a call at (780) 242-7877 or visit their website for more details!