‘Tis the season for getting outside and camping. However, with everything going on you might not feel as comfortable going to a campground. Luckily, Jason, from ROE Roofing has some great ideas for setting up a fun campground in your own backyard.

Here are the 5 things you’ll need to bring to have a good time in the “great outdoors”.

#1. Tent

That’s right, shake out all the old dust and set that tent up. Put all your blankets and air mattresses in, an extension cord (for electricity), and maybe a heater if you’re nervous about getting chilly. You can make your tent your own Oasis, as you’re so close to your home you can run in if you need anything.

#2. Fire Pit

One of the greatest things in life is sitting around a campfire, telling stories, roasting marshmallows, talking about life, or just enjoying the cracking of the wood. To have a great campsite this is one thing that is needed.

#3. Food

This is the time to have fun and eat. There’s no better taste then a hot dog cooked on a fire, or a really good smore, cooked by yours truly. Stack up on the snacks for the late night campfire stories, you’re gonna need them.

#4. Binoculars

Some might think this is an odd choice but what other time to teach the little ones about the stars and the planets then when you can take your binoculars and look right at them. It’s a beautiful thing and moment for you and your kids.


#5. Some Real Good Stories

Better brush up on your stories, cause when you’re sitting around the campfire that is when your story telling skills come out. Fun stories, adventures and maybe some scary ones too. Either way along with the fire those stories keep everyone entranced and in another land for just a little bit of time.


KiSS 91.7 wants to thank Jason, from Roe Roofing, for sharing these fun, indoor, family activities with us. Roe Roofing is a local, family-owned, roofing and exterior company which means they understand the value of family and spending quality time together. If you’re looking to get work done around the house this summer, make sure to give them a call at (780) 242-7877 or visit their website for more details!