Sure, Gyms in Alberta are open once again but, if you don’t feel comfortable venturing back into a gym quite yet (or, maybe you’re like me and have always preferred working out in the comfort of your own home). We can all agree that it is important to get your body moving and get workouts in!

During the global pandemic, I decided to change my lifestyle and take charge of what I was putting into my body and ensure that I was working out. It hasn’t been easy but, it has been incredibly rewarding.

Here are some tips that have helped me out so far:

1. Allow yourself some “grace”!

Whether you have been working out for years, or, you’re just starting to figure out what works best for you, it is important to remember that we are all human. Especially while navigating through a pandemic. I really struggled with this at the beginning of my journey, but, there will be days where you “slip up” or miss a workout and that is 100% okay! You move on. Don’t let one bad day stop you from many more AMAZING days!

2. Find a program or a workout that works for you and your lifestyle!

Not having access to a gym and it’s equipment doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to do a full body exercise! There are so many apps, programs, videos, etc. to take advantage of! Finding the right program for you might take awhile but, you’ll find the perfect fit, I promise! A lot of apps and YouTube videos are also free!

3. Find an accountability partner!

I know that I am 100% more likely to show up when I have someone counting on me or waiting for me. During this social distance period of time, thank goodness for FaceTime, Zoom Meetings and Facebook Messenger Video. I have “met up” with my sisters, my best friends and my boyfriend is at home always pushing me to keep going during our workouts! It makes such a difference. Reach out to friends and family! If you’re struggling to find someone, there are plenty of workout groups on Facebook to meet an accountability partner!

4. Meal plan and meal prep!

I. Love. Food! Then all of the sudden I was no longer 18 and couldn’t eat whatever the heck I wanted! When I made the commitment to make this lifestyle change, I was mostly worried about what was going to be on the menu every day. Pinterest has become a good friend of mine in addition to nutritional groups on Facebook. So many great recipes! After some research, I have even learned to make a healthier version of my favourite dishes! I commit one day a week to sitting down and meal planning for the entire week! It allows me to eat much more guilt free. Plus, I am not scrambling wondering what I’m going to cook! Win/Win!
Also, there are many food tracking apps you can use! I use Weight Watchers and it helps me stay within moderation.


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Not 1 but Five! super tasty “What I Eat in a Day” Meal Plan ideas … (*Swipe to see plans and below for calories & info*) ? 1??MEAL PLAN ~ 2400kcal BREAKFAST: oats, flaxseeds, nut butter, choc pot + maca. LUNCH: chicken & lentil soup with wholemeal bread DINNER: Salmon with rice and veggies SNACKS: turkey sausage and avo sandwich. ? 2??MEAL PLAN ~ 2000kcal C200 P100 F80 BREAKFAST: egg + avocado sourdough pitta. LUNCH: rice, beans, cheese fried mushrooms. DINNER: spaghetti bolognese with pasta. SNACKS: strawberries cashews + dark chocolate. ? 3??MEAL PLAN ~ 2400 kcal C300 P130 F70 BREAKFAST: Protein pancakesalmond butter LUNCH: Avocadoand baked beans bowl. DINNER: Baked potato with protein SNACKS: Fruit and nuts with Golden Milk ? ? 4??MEAL PLAN ~ 2500 calories C300 P110 F90 BREAKFAST: oats with lots of toppings:) LUNCH: tuna and avo wrap DINNER: turkey casserole with rice and veg SNACKS: rice cakes, apple, bran flakes and biscuits ? 5??MEAL PLAN ~ 2000kcal BREAKFAST: Full English Breakfast! LUNCH: grilled chicken and avocado sandwich DINNER: Baking tray meal: potatopepper + cod SNACKS: fruit, cashews, dark chocolate + kale chips . —————- Save this post to reference. Don't forget to turn ON Post notifications. Your turn! Tag #mealprepster and @mealprepster for a chance to get featured! via: @kathryn_gray1

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5. Set Goals!

This one scared me! I didn’t want to fail but, if we don’t set goals, how will we know when to pat ourselves on the back and to keep pushing and make new goals?! It can be whatever you want it to be. Personally, I go for “non-scale victories” like fitting into a t-shirt that was a little too small for me. You can decide that you want to lose 10 pounds, or, that you won’t eat fast-food for a month. Make sure to keep your goals realistic and achievable!

One of your goals could be that you want to participate in the Ronald McDonald Hustle for the House virtual run.

Taking place from July 6-12th, this event raises money for families who must travel for their children’s vital medical treatment.
The details are up to you! You decide the distance, the route, the time. It’s as easy as heading out your front door!

Lace up your shoes and go the distance to support families who need us now, more then ever.
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