Mark your calendars for August 7th! Grab the popcorn and be settled for 6:30 MT as The Weeknd is going to be performing a virtual concert on TikTok!








He will be performing a bunch of songs from his latest album, After Hours.

This going to be a whole different concert experience!

He won’t be appearing in person, rather, as a digital avatar! TikTok is calling it the platforms “first ever in-app cross reality experience.” Viewers will be able to interact with The Weeknd while he performs! Sweet!

TikTok has teamed up with Wave who does these virtual concerts, previously holding one with John Legend!

In the past, a video feed showing the artist wearing a mo-cap suit can sometimes be seen in the bottom right corner of the screen which shows them performing in the real world and it being translated to the virtual world! It is not yet clear whether or not this will be happening with The Weeknd’s show.

This show will raise money for the Equal Justice Initiative, a charity working to support racial equality. Users will be able to make donations via TikTok and they will be matching donations to an unnamed but “generous amount”. Merchandise will also be for sale, with proceeds going to the charity.

August 7th! 6:30 PM! Can’t wait!



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