Remember the good old days when we saw Leo DiCaprio on the beach with a classic ‘dad at the beach’ look and thought “damn, that’s attractive”? Well, perhaps the times are changing.



According to a new poll done by a, the dad-bod may be on its way out. Granted, the name of this website makes us believe the subscribers might not enjoy dad-bods for obvious reasons.


When 100 women were asked “Do you like guys who have dad-bods?”, these were the results:

“I only go after guys with dad bods.” – 15

“Sure, why not?” – 23

“Maybe, but it’s not something I look for.” – 24

“Absolutely not.” – 38


Some quick math tells me that 62% of women could do without the dad-bod. Guess they don’t appreciate a good father figure. 😉

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