Canadian singer and songwriter Jully Black was given the opportunity to sing Canada’s national anthem at the NBA All-Star Game in Salt Lake City on Sunday.  Not only did she make Canada proud with her amazing voices but Canadians can’t get over her one-word change to ‘O Canada.’


In an effort to acknowledge indigenous people, Jully changed the opening line from “O Canada! Our home and native land”  to “O Canada! Our home on native land,” adding a slight emphasis on the word ‘on.’




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Following her performance Jully explained, “We’ve been singing this anthem since kindergarten. And now, in the last three years, especially with indigenous rights and what’s going on in our country and the history and the learning, I too am learning, so, I reached out to some indigenous friends and said, ‘First of all, how do you feel about me doing this anthem?’ And I got some feedback.  I really dissected the lyrics to really sing it with intention because I know it like my name.”


Jully received praise for this change.


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