Canadian singer, record producer and actor The Weeknd, pseudonym of Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, performs in concert. Milan (Italy), July 26th, 2023 (Photo by Elena Di Vincenzo/Archivio Elena Di Vincenzo/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)

Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, has set the internet ablaze with hints of new music in the works. Taking to his Instagram Stories on Tuesday (Feb. 13), the acclaimed artist shared a string of photos seemingly taken in a music studio, one notably featuring him poised behind a microphone. Catch a glimpse of the snaps before they vanish here.

This tantalizing glimpse follows Tesfaye’s recent Instagram posts, where he showcased the album covers from his 2020 hit “After Hours” and 2022’s “Dawn FM,” accompanied by a mysterious third slide adorned with a stark black background and a conspicuous white question mark, adorned with a parental advisory warning label. Accompanying the enigmatic image was a simple caption – “3” – signaling the imminent arrival of a third installment in his album trilogy.

In a revealing interview with W Magazine back in May 2023, Tesfaye hinted at a significant shift in his artistic journey, suggesting that his forthcoming studio album might mark the culmination of The Weeknd persona. “It’s reaching a point where I’m preparing to conclude the chapter of The Weeknd. I’ll continue making music, perhaps under the name Abel or even as The Weeknd. Yet, I’m determined to lay The Weeknd to rest. It’s a transformation I’m eager to embrace,” he disclosed. “The project I’m currently immersed in may well serve as my final tribute to The Weeknd. It’s a necessary evolution. As The Weeknd, I’ve voiced all I can. It’s time for a new beginning.”

With anticipation mounting, fans eagerly await the next chapter in The Weeknd’s illustrious career, poised to witness the culmination of one era and the dawn of another.