Photo Credit: Warner Music

Mike Demero’s journey in music began at a tender age, steeped in a family of musicians. At the age of 7, he picked up the violin, displaying an innate passion for crafting melodies. Recognizing his exceptional talent, Demero’s teacher introduced him to his first music production software, igniting a creative spark that would define his future.

Fast forward to 2013, a pivotal year for Demero. Inspired by Avicii’s “Wake Me Up,” he set his sights on EDM, aiming to evoke profound emotions through his music. With unwavering determination, Demero honed his skills over the years, relentlessly perfecting his craft.

In 2020, Demero ventured into the realm of TikTok, leveraging the platform to showcase his musical prowess. His captivating content quickly captured the attention of industry heavyweights, catapulting him to social media stardom. Today, with over 1.7 million followers across various platforms, Demero stands as a testament to the power of talent and perseverance.

His meteoric rise hasn’t gone unnoticed. Renowned artists such as David Guetta, Kygo, and Aloe Blacc have thrown their support behind him, recognizing his prodigious talent.

In the summer of 2023, Demero made waves with the release of “Night in Paris,” his debut original track featuring Aloe Blacc. The song’s bold composition resonated with audiences, amassing over 3.1 million streams and claiming the top spot on the Mediabase Top 100 ADISQ radio charts.

The success of “Night in Paris” reverberated beyond Canada’s borders, garnering attention internationally and landing Demero on the radar of music aficionados worldwide.

Not content with resting on his laurels, Demero kicked off 2024 with a bang, delivering a mesmerizing live performance opening for Meduza in Quebec City. With his sights set on new horizons, the future holds boundless opportunities for this musical prodigy-turned-sensation. Watch this space as Mike Demero continues to redefine the EDM landscape one track at a time.