Photo credit:  VENICE, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 02: Actor Jack Gyllenhaal attends the photocall of ‘Nocturnal Animals’ during the 73rd Venice Film Festival at Palazzo del Casino on September 2, 2016 in Venice, Italy. (Photo by Amy T. Zielinski/Getty Images)

Here’s something you may not have known about Jake Gyllenhaal:  He’s legally blind, and he’s been that way all his life.  His vision is 20/1250.  (!!!)

Since he was six years old, he’s had to wear either intensive corrective lenses or Coke-bottle glasses to see.  He even used to have a lazy eye, but it corrected itself.

Still it’s not all bad.  He says, quote, “I like to think it’s advantageous.  I’ve never known anything else.  When I can’t see in the morning, before I put on my glasses, it’s a place where I can be with myself.”

Jake has even used his blindness at work.  Like when he was filming the 2015 movie “Southpaw”.  He removed his lenses for a scene where his character finds out his wife has died, in order to force himself to listen more closely.