Dream Machine Dreams:
Tuesday, March 19 @ 4:10pm = Larissa Zuk did not call back
Tuesday, March 19 @ 11:10am = Kasha Maser did not call back
Tuesday, March 19 @ 8:10am = Morgan Scott called back, winning a new wedding dress from The Dress Lounge
Monday, March 18 @ 4:10pm = Kate Reidy called back, winning a flight to Edmonton for her brother
Monday, March 18 @ 11:10am = Vickie Buskas did not call back
Monday, March 18 @ 8:10am = Cleopatra Bethune called back, winning a trip to Germany
Friday, March 15 @ 4:10pm = Jessica Fadel called back, winning speech therapy for her nephew
Friday, March 15 @ 11:10am = Rebecca Chelmick called back, winning a customized goalie mask
Friday, March 15 @ 8:10am = Sharon Campagna called back, winning citizenship for her and her family
Thursday, March 14 @ 4:10pm = Kam Shergill called back, winning a Kitchen Aid mixer
Thursday, March 14 @ 11:10am = Cherie Malone called back, winning free house cleaning
Thursday, March 14 @ 8:10am = Michelle Fuko called back, winning a Running Room shopping spree + marathon training
Wednesday, March 13 @ 4:10pm = Sarah Sczembora called back, winning a birthday party + Nintendo Switch for her son
Wednesday, March 13 @ 11:10am = Dallas Babuik did not call back
Wednesday, March 13 @ 8:10am = Barbara Costa called back, winning a trip to Winnipeg for her family
Tuesday, March 12 @ 4:10pm = Lindsay Ceschan did not call back
Tuesday, March 12 @ 11:10am = Scott Roberts called back, winning a Golf Town prize pack
Tuesday, March 12 @ 8:10am = Laura Thomas did not call back
Monday, March 11 @ 4:10pm = Heather Richards called back, winning a garage heater 
Monday, March 11 @ 11:10am = Jen Anderson did not call back
Monday, March 11 @ 8:10am = Conrad Liu called back, winning a customized video 
Friday March 8th @ 4:10pm = Amanda McCoy called back, winning a summer full of YEG activities
Friday, March 8th @ 11:10am = Alysha Evans called back, winning Disney passes
Friday, March 8th @ 8:10am = Jennifer Swancoat called back, winning a ring repair from Independent Jewellers
Thursday March 7 @ 4:10pm = Jessica Lamont called back, winning dinner for her parents
Thursday, March 7 @ 11:10am = Candace McNamara called back, winning hearing aids
Thursday, March 7 @ 8:10am = Silvia Greco called back, winning a Lego Store shopping spree
Wednesday, March 6 @ 4:10pm = Krystina Lachapelle called back, winning Recliner Couches from Furniture 4 Less
Wednesday, March 6 @ 11:10am = Danielle Lawson called back, winning a new windshield and tires from Harkul Windshields
Wednesday, March 6 @ 8:10am = Cherisse MacInnes did not call back
Tuesday, March 5 @ 4:10pm = Kareen Atumo called back, winning a Banff Family trip at Banff Rocky Mountain Resort 
Tuesday, March 5 @ 11:10am = Shawna Clarke called back, winning a Sleep Country Mattress, box spring & Pillows 
Tuesday, March 5 @ 8:10am = Carrie Brooks called back, winning a WEM shopping spree and night stay at Fantasyland Hotel
Monday, March 4 @ 4:10pm = Roberta Laviolette called back, winning an Oilers VIP prize pack
Monday, March 4 @ 11:10am = Heather Zeiner called back, winning an air conditioner
Monday, March 4 @ 8:10am = Lisa Goddard called back, winning a Carmel Joy Baird reading


KiSS 91.7 wants to know what YOU’VE been dreaming of… Is it a family vacation you’ve always wanted to take? New appliances for your kitchen? Have you always wanted to try your hand at TV or radio? To cheer on an Edmonton sports team in a VIP suite with a group of your friends?

The KiSS Dream Machine is here to make your dreams come true!


Become a KiSS Nation member below and fill out the form with your wildest dreams. Beginning Monday, March 4, 2019, listen as we start fulfilling dreams every weekday at 8:10am, 11:10am and 4:10pm!


If you hear your name, you have 9 minutes and 17 seconds to call 780-426-0917! We’ll share your dream and set our Dream Team to work on making it happen!


The KiSS 91.7 Dream Machine Contest, powered by DAYTONA HOMES and GOLD HORSE CASINO.

No purchase necessary. Contest closes March 29, 2019 at 4PM MT. Open to AB residents 18+. Limit of one entry per person. 60 prizes available to be won each valued at a maximum of $10, 000 CDN and in the form of items, services, or cash based on winner’s submission. NO FINANCIAL COMPENSATION IF ACTUAL PRIZE VALUE IS LOWER THAN THIS VALUE. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received and on the application of judging criteria. Must correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question to win. Full Contest Rules at kiss917.com See Full Contest Rules for judging criteria and full details.