New York Fries is launching their new 20% BIGGER PREMIUM HOT DOGS!


Although New York Fries has had hot dogs on the menu for the last 20 years, NYF is now introducing a new, 20% larger premium hot dog to enjoy with NYF’s fresh cut fries.

This Premium Hot Dog is 1/4 pound and is a juicy and delicious blend of chicken and beef – no pork.

You can top the premium hot dog with 8 self serve toppings, just like at a hot dog cart! Upgrade your PREMIUM DOG into a POUTINE DOG and load it up with New York Fries poutine toppings like Pulled Pork, Classic Poutine or Bacon Double Cheese Poutine toppings (for an extra charge).


Fill out the form below to be entered to win 20 New York Fries Bucks to try out the 20% Bigger Premium Hot Dog!